New Report: The Child Care Crisis and How We Solve It


Our coalition has a bold vision for a free, public child care system where no parent struggles to afford or find child care and no provider is forced to make do on poverty wages. Read on to learn about Child Care For All and and the 4 key steps the state of Illinois can take to get there.

We need a new vision for child care in Illinois — for too long, our broken system has left working families to fend for themselves as child care costs become more and more unaffordable, and has driven child care workers from the field due to low pay and short staffing. The solutions to the child care crisis will come from all of us as providers and parents standing together and demanding the investment in our communities that we all deserve!

Our report outlines not the root causes of the child care crisis — the undervaluing of work done predominately by Black and brown women, along with cuts in public funding for care — as well as the ways we can move toward solutions that address the needs of both parents and providers. Our 4 key demands to fix the child care crisis NOW are:

We have the money to fund a child care system that works for all of us — no matter our race or where we live — but right now, we give tax breaks and leave open loopholes for corporations and billionaires to get rich at the expense of the rest of us. When we make sure the wealthy pay their fair share, we can fund the services our communities need to thrive and invest in the providers and parents that form the backbone of Illinois.

Read our full report here: